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These are similar to the Reiki Sessions, but in addition, you will have elemental energies, music and features. An elemental therapy session would focus on healing something specific, whether physical, emotional or mental, using the right element for it. Inform me if you want to heal something specific and I will choose the needed element. The recommended dressing code is recommended to be like when you would have a massage, because of the elemental features.

The philosophy which stays in the base of elementalism is older than history and present in many cultures, ancient and present (Atlantis, old Egypt, Hinduism, Paganism, Babylonia, Old Greece, China, Japan, Tibet etc.). The philosophy usually states that the whole existence is Akasha(aether), which is divided into 2, 4 or 5 elements, depending on the culture. Hermeticism is the first philosophy known to us today that mentioned this theory, and the elements derived from Akasha were water, fire, air and earth. It doesn’t refer only on the physical plane, but anything on any plane of existence can be said that is made of one of these elements or a combination of them.Fotolia_52954319_S-300x300

Above the physical plane, the energetical, mental and spiritual planes can be divided into these elements as well. An example could be the different temper types on the mental plane, described by Franz Bardon: “The choleric temper is due to the element of fire, the sanguine temper is due to the element of air, the melancholic temper is born from the water element, and the phlegmatic one is ascribed to the earthy element”. The different planes of existence are connected with each other, so, for example, if you want to lose inhibitions, you can have a fire elemental session, and to continue the therapy in your daily life, you could decorate your room with fire-like colours, fire images or actual fireplace, you could listen to active and energetic music and eat spicy and energetic food.

The Reiki system used for these sessions is called “Hermetic Elemental Reiki”, which is a combination of the Reiki systems I am initiated into, and knowledge and practices of Hermeticism. introducing elemental energies and hermetic principles. The Hermetic culture was developed in the ancient Egypt by Hermes Trismegistus (reincarnation of Thoth) and it is believed to have roots in the Atlantis civilisation and before. It is believed it was the true religious-philosophical-scientific-practical knowledge and the mother of most of the future philosophies, sciences and religions.

I am looking forward to offer these sessions to you which will help you heal, at the same price as the usual Reiki sessions. Crystals can be used as well for this therapy.

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