Talismans / Amulets


Energy can be gathered into a talisman, bracelet, oils, clothes etc. that you can wear and benefit from it gradually for a longer period. Vortexes into the objects  can also be developed  so they get to be recharged constantly, but it will be depend on the environment and energy they enter in contact with, they will work better into a positive surrounding or energy field, and less, or can even be extinguished into a negative environment.


Talismans are objects you wear and they give you healing/empowerment constantly while the objects focusing on protecting you from negativity are usually called amulets.


If you have any objects you would like to be charged with energy or to have vortexes initiated that would channel them, you can contact me and we can exchange the object through mail or in person. They can be charged for healing, protection or spiritual empowerment (which I consider healing as well, but from a healthier level). People usually consider themselves healthy when they are in a good physical condition without any pain or disease whatsoever, but I believe you are not completely healed until your body and your mind are in perfect condition, without any problem that would affect the soul manifest properly. If you are not connected with your Spirit as you should, you can’t be perfectly healthy, I know this law from my experience. Therefore, in order to get and remain on the right path, I recommend you seek complete healing and train your mind to stay loving and happy. Talismans/amulets are very helpful as their energy and vibration can helping you be on the right frequency all the time. They are boosting friends that pull you back on the top if you fall. The therapies will help you, but if you are not very advanced spiritually, after a while you will do mistakes again, but these objects will help you avoid them more, or, hopefully, permanently.

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