Energy Therapy

shutterstock_100649914-1024x768There are many types of therapies in which a certain form(s) of energy is helping the patient to heal, relax or empower. These are generally called “energy therapy” or “energy medicine” but there are many other terminologies used as well. The therapy can be done directly by the patient, if he is skilled into this art, or if he is guided into a meditation, but an outside help with energy from a master would make a big difference.

This type of therapy usually works by having the attention of the practitioner focused upon a specific kind of energy or several, concentrating on combining his mental vibration with the one of the energy and sending it where it is needed. It can be sent into a specific part of the therapist’s body, to heal himself, or outside, into the body of a second person, usually through the hands, as it is the most powerful channel of sending the energy outside. Most methods consist in channelling energy from the therapist’s body (which he can be called into his body from the universe or other higher planes in the same time) into an individual patient, through the palms and fingers. It would mean touching the aura or the skin of the person having the treatment, which can be combined with some massage techniques or special movements (with or without touching the body), but there are other ways too. It can also be sent into a crystal as I explained into the page “Energy and Crystals” , it can be gathered between the hands of the therapist and transformed into what is known as a “chi ball”, a sphere of energy, which can be projected into the patient’s body where it will explode and vigorously heal and empower it where it needs the most; or it can be gathered into a talisman, bracelet, clothes etc. that the client can wear and benefit from it gradually for a longer period. Some therapists can also create vortexes into the objects so they get to be recharged constantly, but this will be depend on the environment and energy they enter in contact with, they will work better into a positive surrounding or energy field, and less, or can even be extinguished into a negative environment.


The sessions can be done in person, usually while the patient is relaxing on a bed or chair, or at distance, through sending a chi ball to the patient, video chat etc. but as you decrease certain factors such as time, distance, visual and vocal connection, the connection with the energy won’t usually be as strong as when meeting the practitioner.


The beauty of the energy therapy is that it always works at a certain level, it has no adverse effects and you, the patient, can improve your experience by your desire, receptivity and connection with the energy. A good master and an open patient will make the session feel like a wonder in most cases.

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