Vital, Universal & Spiritual Life Forces:


The word “energy” means much more than you probably know. The quantum physicians came to the same conclusion of many ancient and mystical philosophies: that everything in the physical universe is energy. All the cells of your body, all the atoms around you are just different forms of energy, and this energy is one single “substance” which takes different forms all the time, it is in continuous change, but it’s never destroyed, because if a small part of it would be destroyed, all of it would disappear. This energy is the only thing that occupies the space and time, called “Prana” by the Indians, “Chi” by the Chinese, “Ki” by the Japanese, and I also call it the physical “Akasha”, the original element.


The energy from your body and outside (including the matter) is on different vibrations all the time, like the sounds in a song are on different frequencies and change continuously, but more complex. Every thought and every emotion has big impacts upon the vibration of the energy of the body and has influence upon the macro-cosmos as well (the universe outside the body). The vibration of your mental state is connected with the one of the energy of your body, which is connected with the rest of the universe.


There are various types of energy into the human body. One of the most common is the energy which animates the muscles. To prove the connection of your mind with it is simple: whenever your mind desires to move a muscle, this energy moves it, with the same power of the mental intent/impulse. It can be done consciously, by using the will of the intellect, and the stronger the will, the stronger the movement will be, or sub-consciously, when the mind has uncontrolled emotions: think how your muscles are shaking when you are nervous, excited or inpatient, the stronger the emotion, the more active the muscles are, minus the conscious intent to stop them. The western science recently discovered the fact that the mental attitude affects the whole body in the present moment and that it has long-lasting effects for the health, strength and aptitude, proof that the mind is in very delicate connection with the whole body. When your mind is happy, vigorous, and focused on manifesting positive desires, the body will function much better and faster than if you are depressed, angry, stressed etc. Your blood cells, internal organs and all functions of the body highly depend on the amount and vibration of the vital energy and mental state.

If you are experienced in controlling your mind and energy of the body, you can obtain massive quantities of vital force, raise it to a high vibration and transfer it to others so they can benefit from it. It can relax, heal, empower and/or charge the patient, depending on his/her needs. Not only the mind influences the body, but the other way around as well, being a continuous circle, so you can target any of them. The energy therapy would work directly with the body, but it would also improve the energy that the patient already had and his mental state, as it is connected with the physical faculties. The meditation therapy would start with the mind and then the practitioner would learn how to control the energy from the body. You would benefit more if you would have both energy therapy and practise meditation instead of only one of them. The vibration of the energy of a master would be much higher and more powerful and it your mind would be passive instead of active, so you would benefit more also because you don’t have to use your brain to focus. Practising meditation would help you have a more receptive mind for the energy during a session and a more positive mind and energy in your daily life.


There are more types of energy that could help a human body that are usually not present into it, unless the person is very connected with them. Many practitioners call most of them universal energies, and are forces that exist in this universe, outside the earth, in its atmosphere or inside. They can even be into your body but on a different plane and you can only access them if you get into the right “frequency”. Some people came into contact with these energies through meditation or other spiritual/esoteric practices.


Doctor Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system, discovered great energies through reading esoteric Tibetan texts and following their instructions, which includes total fasting for 21 days and meditating up on a mountain. Not all Reiki practitioners did this, but almost all of them have been attuned by the lineage of Mikao Usui. A master can “tune” another person to higher frequencies so that they can use these great energies, but the ability of using them depends on the connection of the practitioner with them, being influenced by his/her spiritual level, focus, technique and other factors, in general and in the moment of the session. It is believed that the Reiki system also includes the ultimate type of energy that I call them spiritual, because they are animated by the Universal Spirit and The Absolute. This is the most powerful energy in the universe and can do anything, but it cannot be controlled by the practitioner or the patient, but it is always under the Absolute Spiritual Will. The human beings can only enter in contact with it, and benefit from a glimpse of Its Infinite Love, Joy, Wisdom and Power. It will always help a patient, depending on the connection he/she can have with It, which is usually conditioned by the patient’s general and current spiritual and mental state, and need and desire for healing/improvement.




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